• large barbecue piece
  • smoked sausages
  • different drinks
  • chopped beef
  • mixed smoked meat
  • wood burning

Luling City Market

About us

Luling City Market was founded by the Craig family in 1981 and has been family owned and operated for over 39 years, bringing the distinct Central Texas Barbeque style to the city. We cook our meat over Post Oak wood in specially designed pits. No gas is used for cooking our meat. All of the smoke flavor and the distinctive smoke ring are genuine. Besides, we make our own 100% beef sausage using the same recipe we have used for over 39 years.

We smoke fresh meat 7 days a week from brisket, chicken, turkey, and pork ribs to our homemade sausage links. Our experienced long-time employees make delicious coleslaw, potato salad, and pinto beans along with homemade individual pecan pies and Texas-size brownies. We have the perfect side dishes to compliment the best Bar-B-Que you’ll ever experience.

You may have heard of our distinctive Luling City Market Bar-Q-Que sauce. This tangy mustard-based sauce has been one of our most popular items and we ship it all over the world. Our special sauce is so good you can use it on everything from meat, eggs, and seafood. We make it here from a special recipe – you can’t get it anywhere else, but you CAN get it from us. We also sell our Luling City Market Rub for those that want to create a great barbecue experience at home!